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Authentic New Orleans Pralines

Customers choose AJ's Gourmet Pralines because they are the original, creamy New Orleans pralines that natives and travelers alike have come to love.  Authentic praline confits have a distinctive vanilla flavor and smooth consistency which melts in your mouth.  Our pralines are a unique, delicious, gourmet treat that are naturally gluten-free.  Unlike other pralines versions, ours are not hard, chewy or grainy.  Made with 100% pure grade A vanilla, all natural cane sugar, locally sourced  pecans, cream, butter, and sea salt, AJ's Gourmet Pralines have a unique flavor unlike any other sweet delicacy.  

Visit us at various locations in the Houston area and discover your new indulgence. At AJ's Gourmet Pralines, our goal is to give you the absolute best in product and service!


All Natural Vanilla

There is nothing like the rich, classic flavor of all natural vanilla.  Our Grade A vanilla adds incredible taste along with an intense heavenly aroma.


Locally Sourced Pecans

We pride ourselves in using the highest quality ingredients.  Our lightly toasted locally sourced pecans add a subtle crunch and exquisite flavor that customers love!


Rich Cream

Only the best cream goes into our pralines.  We use hormone free milk which blends beautifully with the other ingredients.  This is one the secrets to making our pralines rich and creamy!


"I gifted the pralines to my parents as part of their Valentine's surprise and they LOVED them! Thanks for helping me make this a special treat day for them!"

-Kimberly N.


Our Passion 

We have a passion for sharing our love of pralines with dessert lovers and foodies alike.  Watching someone experience the taste of pralines for the very first time is exciting because their smile says it all!  It is also a joy to meet praline connoisseurs who know how an authentic praline should taste!  Watching a customer's face light up as they discover a new indulgence makes this journey such a thrill!  

Feel free to visit any of our pick up locations and experience our pralines for yourself.  We look forward to serving you!


"Oh my g-d, these are so good!  It's like a flavor explosion in my mouth!"

-Mandy F.


"I like how it melts and it's not too sweet!"

-Pamela S.



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